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Setting up eBooks at Your School

These instructions will help you get set up to use eBooks at your school.

  1. Complete the Gumdrop Books™ eBook Customer Information Form and submit it to Customer Service. This form identifies your desired access options and helps you and your IT department decide how to set up access based on your library or school's website.
  2. Gumdrop Books™ will email you when your account is ready to use.
  3. Set up a User Name and Password for general access. All eBooks, no matter who publishes them, will be accessible with the same ID and password.
  4. You will also need a different User Name and Password for Administrator Access.

Options for Setting Up eBook Access on Your Website

Option 1: IP Authentication

Add your school’s IP address to your eBook account. With this option, students who access the e-book using the school’s IP are automatically logged in and don’t have to enter a username or password. This is a great option for schools without a password-protected site and with eBook links available online.

Please Note: IP Authentication doesn’t work from home and isn’t available for schools in districts with a shared IP address.

Option 2: URL Address Referral

If your school has a secure password-protected site, we put your site on our list of approved URLs. Any time a student clicks on an eBook link from your site - at school or at home - they are logged in automatically.

The URL must be a password-protected site accessible only by students attending your school building or patrons of your library branch. Our eBooks are sold as a site license and can’t be accessed by other schools in your district.

Please notify us if your school’s IP address changes so we can update the links to your account.


System Requirements

eBooks use Adobe Flash Player (9 or higher) and can be used on a MAC or PC platform.

A minimum of 128MB of RAM recommended

Web service requires high speed internet. Dial-up or AOL is not recommended.

Our eBooks play through a standard web browser. Recommended versions include the one listed or later:

  • Microsoft IE 5.x
  • Firefox 1.x
  • Netscape 7.x
  • Safari 5.x
  • Opera 7.11
  • Chrome 5.x
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