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The Value of Purchasing eBooks from Gumdrop Books™


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Kids Love eBooks.

Not only do eBooks add value to your library's collection, they can be a vital part of the classroom.

Unlimited users - lifetime purchase...

The ebooks you buy from Gumdrop Books™ are available at home or school, 24/7 (with internet access). And the eBooks never expires.

Our ebooks can be used on many devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones and even white boards and LCD projectors.

Studies show that using eBooks in the classroom can help...

  • Attract reluctant readers
  • Build vocabulary
  • Stand in as adaptive technology
  • Motivate struggling readers
  • Increase overall class attentiveness, especially for auditory learners, when used as part of a classroom presentation


30-Day Free eBook Trial

Gumdrop Books™ offers an extensive selection to fit your growing eBook needs.

We've partnered with three eBook platforms; Big Timber Media, epointplus, and Rourke Educational Media to offer you the latest eBooks with easy to use technology and topics to suit every reader.


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