Monday, June 29, 2015
About Our Services...

Our sales representative will make an appointment at your convenience to meet with you and show you actual book samples. You can inspect the quality of our bindings, paper, illustrations, and print to assure that you receive excellent products that meet your expectations and high standards.

When you purchase from Gumdrop BooksTM, you can expect quality service. Our order fulfillment rate exceeds 96% and your order will be delivered within 10-15 business days. We also offer free MARC records and free shipping within the USA and Canada. With our flexible payment terms, you can defer billing up to twelve months.

Our professional staff will ensure that your order matches your library’s needs. We customize durable, high-quality, full-service cataloging, from barcodes to spine labels and shelf-ready processing, so your order will fit into your current inventory and shelving.

Also, our professional customer service department is empowered to handle virtually any problem on the first call. From ordering to delivery, our goal is Exceptional Service, Unconditionally Guaranteed.


List of Services

  • Accelerated Reader™
    Gumdrop BooksTM has thousands of Accelerated Reader™ (AR) titles available. With Gumdrop BooksTM, you can purchase all AR titles from multiple publishers and cataloging supplies with the ease of one purchase order.

  • Lexile®
    Only Gumdrop BooksTM uses both Lexile® Measures and Mitinet Measures to provide more books for your Lexile® reading program.

  • Bindings
    95% of our titles are side-sewn library bound. All bindings have been personally inspected to maintain a high level of quality.

  • Superior Full-Service Cataloging
    FREE MARC records. Gumdrop BooksTM is powered by Mitinet to provide superior MARC records.

    Durable, high-quality, full-service cataloging, from barcodes to spine labels and shelf-ready processing, is available. You have the option to choose your additional cataloging peripherals.

  • Discounts
    When you place an order with Gumdrop BooksTM, you'll always receive our best discount each and every time. We offer discounts up to 70% off the publisher's list price.

  • Flexible Payment Terms
    Gumdrop BooksTM will defer billing up to twelve months with our flexible payment terms.

  • Free Shipping
    FREE shipping within the USA and Canada. Outside the USA, International rates and shipping methods vary.

  • Free Typing Service
    Free Typing Service — On the Spot. You will receive a free typing service from your Gumdrop BooksTM sales representative and when shopping online.

  • Collection Analysis and Opening Day Collections
    We offer FREE proposals for Collection Analysis and Opening Day Collections.

  • Return Policy
    Within the USA and Canada, we send prepaid labels or call tags at your request to simplify your return. We will replace or credit your account, at your option.

  • Exceptional Service, Unconditionally Guaranteed
    Our return policy is to refund, replace, and/or correct any concern or any problem — PERIOD.